For more than 100 years, the brand Willich stands for modern construction.

In the year 1882 Franz Willich founded a corporation with its main focus on heat insulation in Dortmund. The divisions as well as the Willich group expanded in a very fast way. This resulted in numerous branch offices not only nationally but also internationally.

The Austrian corporation history started in 1977 when the Willich GmbH and the Isabella Innenausbau GmbH had been founded by Willich. In 1984, the place of office had been displaced to Vienna.

In the first place, the Austrian dry interior construction segment of the international Willich group had been controlled by the German parent company. However, bit by bit it gained more and more autonomy. By the end of 1997, the corporation, now known as the Willich Trockenbau Gmbh, had been passed over to the Austrian holding.

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